Time to Drink Champagne and Be Kind to Ourselves!

Time to Drink Champagne and Be Kind to Ourselves!

Saveur starts takeaway on Thursday, 1st of July.

If you think you need or deserve a special treat under the New Lockdown circumstances, we are here to help you.

How about caviar with champagne? French onion soup and slow-cooked lamb shank?
Prepare a table with cutlery, crockery, and crystal glasses. Light candles, turn on some music and treat yourself and your loved ones.

Please view our takeaway menu.
We would highly recommend the Saveur Classique takeaway exceptional at $439, including (Ostrea caviar 28g with a mother of pearl spoon, Pâté foie gras, a dozen Sydney rock oysters, two half lobster Thermidor, with bread and salad, and a bottle of Pol Roger Brut Reserve Champagne).

You’re welcome to use NSW Dine Vouchers and enjoy!

Saveur will resume business regularly from after the extended lockdown is lifted.


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