Saveur Testimonials

"A Sydney dining Gem"

I have been to Saveur on many occasions in small intimate and for larger group functions, the quality of the food and service in my opinion is of the highest level. I have been accustomed to fine dining experiences from a very early age and the consistency that Michael Chun and his staff demonstrate is exceptional. One of the best restaurants in Sydney if not Australia. Phillip A

"We'll be back through 2019"

We are a group of friends who enjoy good wine with good food and have met monthly for dinner over several decades. We began to dine at Saveur in mid-2018 and this has been so successful that we intend to continue to do so. Michael is always helpful in planning each month's menu, which has good choices for each course, and the service is attentive and timely. Moreover, the dining area has a good ambience that permits across-table conversation, a rarity to be cherished. Since Saveur is BYO on weekdays, we meet then to ensure that there is always an excellent match between our wines and Michael Chun's food. In December, we booked the whole restaurant for a special anniversary dinner, planned with Michael. It was a superb evening for everyone.
Prof. John M

“Brilliant service, amazing food!”

Today I had the absolute pleasure of dining at Saveur, Roseville. The food was exceptional and wonderfully presented and served by delightful staff. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable. A veritable treasure! Thank you Michael! Ka - Tourist

Chef Michael Chun Testimonials

“Delicate in flavour… fresh … succulent… intriguing… outstanding…”
Michael Gardener, The Sun Herald 1986

“I never had such a beautiful seafood chowder in my life.”
Steve Nicks, American singer 1986

“Michael Chun’s entrée was light and delicious… mainfares were real charmers… excellent puds"
Leo Schofield, “The Sydney Morning Herald” 1990

“Michael Chun, the Korean chef, does wonders with the food, which is essentially international. His sauces are marvellous.”
Barbara Richards, “Daily Mirror” 1989

“The chef Michael Chun, cooks like a dream.”
Betty Forrest, Daily Telegraph 1990

“The pasta was fresh and al dente, with a generous splash of seafood, and the chicken presented like a wondrous Picasso work of art – almost too beautiful to eat. However, we did eat them and both were magnificent.”
Graham Harris, Wentworth Courier 1985

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