Saveur has three rooms/sections:
Semi-private room 1,
Room 2
Balcony room 3.

We can accommodate around 50 people in dining rooms.
Up to 12-14 guests on one table in the semi-private room 1.
Up to 24 people  on one long rectangular table using rooms 1 & 2.
Up to 34 using separate tables in rooms 1 & 2 without using balcony room 3.

Saveur has two courtyard areas:
Lower level (covered & heated)
Upper level (open-air)
Up to 14 people on one table in lower level courtyage (covered & heated).
Up to 14 people using separate tables in the upper level courtyard (open-air)
Up to 70 people for standing up canapes & champagne cocktail party

The Saveur alfresco courtyard is an excellent venue for romantic, intimate dining, private parties, group bookings, etc, in North Shore Sydney


For numbers more significant than this, we offer a more customized arrangement, such as the possibility of exclusive use of the indoor OR outdoor OR entire premises of the Saveur courtyard and indoor dining.
We'll be delighted to discuss what suits you with a special package.

Group Booking Menu

To maintain a high level of service, we require tailored menus for groups of 8 + people for lunch and dinner.
We offer a fixed-price menu of the following:

Menu A: Entree, Main & Dessert $100
Menu B: Entree & Main $80
Menu C: Main & Dessert $75 (Menu B & C Not available at Friday dinner & Saturday dinner)
Group Booking with food & wine wine
Menu A + wine: $130 pp
Menu B + wine $110 pp
Menu C + wine $105 pp

The menu prices include amuse-bouche, bread & side dishes, and customized/personalized greetings of your menu.
After receiving your preferred menu type, we'll forward you a sample menu: a set, alternate, or pre-order. À la carte may not be possible depending on the number of guests, days, nights & seasons.
• A 10% group booking fee applies to the final bill for all group reservations.
• A 10% surcharge applies on Sundays & 15% on public holidays.

Fully Licenced
BYO is Not permitted on Friday Dinner, Saturday Dinner & Group Booking 8+ more
Corkage: $10 pp/$20 per bottle, whichever is greater (wine & champagne only)

Decanting wine: We don't provide decanting.
If your wine needs decanting, we suggest you keep the upright wine position for at least 24 hours. Then, decant the wine and keep it in the decanter for 30 minutes to 4 hours. Wash the bottle thoroughly, then pour the wine back into it before bringing it to Saveur. We recommend enjoying your wine without using a decanter at the restaurant.

Please note we don’t allow any externally made cakes to be brought into the restaurant.


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