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As featured in North Shore Times November 2008


Michael Chun and his Saveur Team in 2009

Anouj and darren 2019

Peppercorn@Cremorne 2001 - 2017

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1997 winner rcia le sands

Michael Chun, Executive Chef at JoJo's


Michael Chun, Executive Chef - Le Sands Restaurant, Signature Cafe, La Plage and Function Room


"Chun has provided dishes for some of the famous entertainers in the world, (and some of the fussiest!).

Among them are Rickee Lee Jones, Engelbert Humperdink, Bob Dylan, Sting, JohnDenver, Lionel Richie, Stevie Nicks, Joe Cocker, the Moody Blues, ZZ Top, Peter Allen, Cyndy Lauper, Dizz Gillespie, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, John Farnham, Michael Jackson and many, many more. We have never received a complain, which is extraordinary in such a diverse and fickle industry!" Bill Rosenberg

Michael Chun

Chef Michael Chun Testimonials

“Delicate in flavour… fresh … succulent… intriguing… outstanding…”
Michael Gardener, The Sun Herald 1986

“I never had such a beautiful seafood chowder in my life.”
Steve Nicks, American singer 1986

“Michael Chun’s entrée was light and delicious… mainfares were real charmers… excellent puds"
Leo Schofield, “The Sydney Morning Herald” 1990

“Michael Chun, the Korean chef, does wonders with the food, which is essentially international. His sauces are marvellous.”
Barbara Richards, “Daily Mirror” 1989

“The chef Michael Chun, cooks like a dream.”
Betty Forrest, Daily Telegraph 1990

“The pasta was fresh and al dente, with a generous splash of seafood, and the chicken presented like a wondrous Picasso work of art – almost too beautiful to eat. However, we did eat them and both were magnificent.”
Graham Harris, Wentworth Courier 1985

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